Congratulations homeowners! For less than 10 cents a day we have purchased 9 acres of prime waterfront property in the middle of our neighborhoods. For less than ten cents a day we purchased four-lighted tennis courts, a basketball court, two volleyball courts, a waterfront picnic area, an Olympic-size pool, concession stand, bathrooms/changing rooms, and a covered play area. For less than ten cents a day we saved nine acres of recreation land from high-density development.

For a good cause almost three-quarters of all Greystone residents voted to acquire the Greystone Swim & Racquet Club. To get out the vote we should thank all the volunteers who went door to door to make sure that everyone understood the issues and voted. Thank you volunteers for your hard work for the good of Greystone.

Judd Ammons also deserves our thanks and gratitude. Twenty years ago Judd Ammons had the vision to buy the land and build our communities with lakes and churches, expensive and inexpensive houses, shopping centers, a retirement community, child care and recreation facilities. Mr. Ammons made Greystone the most generous offer to sell his land at a fraction of its value so that we could buy it and maintain it as an asset for all the families of Greystone. Thank you Mr. Ammons for your generosity and your continued interest in Greystone.

Last I want to recognize the Board of Directors for their hard work in the interest of Greystone. The Greystone board of directors meets at least nine times a year as a group and many more times on committees and with contractors, accountants, lawyers and homeowners to better our neighborhoods. These community volunteers give their free time to make our neighborhoods better. They hear complaints, problems and threats of legal action as their daily fare. They donít often hear thank you for their work on our behalf.

After eight years on the board I will resign my position this summer and open my seat to another interested volunteer. In my years on the board I have never worked with a more committed, competent group than those currently serving. Ellen Kinsinger volunteered hundreds of hours to save swim club and will continue her community service as Board President next year. Paul Woolverton continues his work as treasurer watching your dollars and keeping our books in the order. Bobby James, board secretary, volunteers his time to keep accurate minutes and provides thoughtful and wise leadership. Merle Marxen, logs hundreds of hours maintaining our lakes and common areas as Maintenance Committee chair. We often bicker and disagree at board

meetings but in the end we work to do what we think is best for our neighborhoods. It has been an honor to work with this Board and as we look ahead to the future we can be proud of what we have done to maintain Greystone as one of the best places to live in the triangle.

John "Chip" Williams


Thank you Greystone! By the time you receive this newsletter, the Greystone Association will be closing on the acquisition of the Greystone Swim & Racquet Club. The homeowners voted to acquire the Club, 597 yes to 158 no (with 75 ballots not returned -- counted as no). This vote, certified by Charleston Management, was well over the two-thirds required. The Board is delighted that so many homeowners cared enough about their community to vote (whether yes or no!).

The spirit and energy of the homeowners who have volunteered their time, skills, sweat and labor to Greystone has been overwhelming. Itís amazing what pride-in-ownership can accomplish. The pool management company has been hired, the pool drained, cleaned and refilled, life guards hired, facilities scrubbed and polished, picnic deck sanded, pumps repaired, deck power-washed, grounds landscaped, water heater replaced, tennis courts resurfacing, tennis and pool lights repair scheduled, accounts established, insurance bought, inspections finished, closing contracts rendered, and the memberships are pouring in. Our Recreation Committee and volunteers are managing all this and a thousand other details. In particular, special thanks and gratitude are due to the following volunteers:

Bob & Maria Ball, Ann, Guy & Steve Brooks, Marianne & Craig Burt, Marc & Wanda Calder, Lorenzo, Josie & Robbie Esposito, Ken & Kay Eves, Shelia & Gerry Gafka, Jim Hilton, Doug Lintelman, Merle Marxen, Libby Mitchner, Pat Moore, Marty & Bob Munt, Nancy Peplin, Chris, Tom & Tommy Quinn, Harold Ramsey, David & Carol Riese, Max & Susan Rosentreter, Claudia Seiple, Tom Streeter, Ralph Tidball, Karen Untz, Ellie Vali, Jeff & Casey Wiggs, Darsey & Chip Williams, Paul Woolverton, Cheryl Yannello and last, but certainly not least Chris & Marietta Young.

And finally, special thanks to Jerry Daniels and deep gratitude to Judd Ammons for all that he has done for Greystone.

The acquisition has brought together neighbors working collectively for the betterment of our community. It is my hope that this community spirit grows and strengthens to meet the many challenges facing our community as we work to make Greystone a better place to live and raise our children.

Ellen Kinsinger


Surf for in-formation on the Greystone Club, the Maintenance Committee, special announcements, publications, Board and Committee contacts and meeting minutes, newsletters, maps and much more. A special thanks to homeowner Richard Scott, and CAVU Corporation, for hosting the website free and to David Reise and Bob Wylie for sharing webmaster skills and duties.

To Mow or Not to Mow (That was the Question)

In a return to previous policy the Greystone Board has voted to again mow the grass around the sidewalks that border our neighborhoods on Sawmill and Leadmine. This contentious issue on whether to mow or not to mow has been argued for and against since the board decided to stop mowing these areas five years ago. In the end the board decided to again mow these areas because our covenants allow us to maintain public areas for use by our members and because maintaining these overgrown and unkempt strips of land we can significantly improve the appearance of all the Greystone neighborhoods.

At this writing lawyers on both sides are still arguing this decision. But over the rattle and hum of this legal bickering everyone can see that the board's decision to resume mowing the grass on city owned land that surrounds our neighborhoods significantly improves the appearance of our neighborhoods and helps to maintain our property values. And isnít that what the board is supposed do? So to mix a shakesaphor, "To mow or not to mow?" that is the question. Alas, poor Yorick, shoot the lawyers and mow (fade to black with apologies to WS).

John "Chip" Williams

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Throw Everything Away! Save it for the Greystone Yard Sale!

Greystone Association is planning a community yard sale on Saturday, June 10, from 7:30 am to Noon with a rain date of June 17. We will run an ad in the News and Observer and provide signs at the entrances to each community. Participants are encouraged to display directional signs throughout your neighborhood and balloons on your mailbox. If you are interested in participating in the garage sale or have any questions, please call Nancy Peplin at 846-2475.

Maintenance Committee Report 

Recently "Lake Watch" committees have been initiated to meet the special maintenance requirements of the lakes -- Greystone, Winchester and Bakers. Thirty five Greystone homeowners are participating in the committees, touring the lakes, sponsoring clean up days, and determining maintenance issues that need to be addressed by the Maintenance Committee.

The Greystone lake group held a Saturday "Clean Up" day around the lake and provided a prioritized list of items that need to be addressed.

Jay Shapiro (847-0064) is contact person for this group. Doug Lintelman, 844-1854, is chair of the Winchester Lake group. The Bakers Lake committee has yet to be determined. If you are interested in helping with the lakes, please contact Jay, Doug or Merle.

Beavers. Beavers have moved into Bakers Lake and very industriously trying to increase the lake depth by stopping up the lake drain pipe. We are going to try to minimize their effect by installing a screen to keep them out of the drain. At the time of this writing, we are awaiting a "Rooter" service to unplug the drain. Unfortunately, they are also cutting down the lakeside trees. It appears that we will need to have them removed from the lake.

Geese. We have had reports of dead geese being found at Winchester Lake. Geese are protected animals. If any more dead geese are found, the North Carolina Wildlife people will be notified, and they will investigate the reasons for these deaths.

Grass Mowing. If the rain ever stops, our contractor will restart mowing the grass. In general, expect to see the grass a little longer this year. The NC Extension Service recommends that un-watered grass be kept as long as can be accepted. This does not mean there will be fewer mowings, just the grass will be longer.

We are trying to establish better grass coverage on the dams. In order to promote root growth, the grass on the down stream dam faces will not be cut to less than 6 inches. We are going to experiment with not cutting the grass on the up stream face. However a shorter "walking path" will be maintained along the top of the dams. Any "woody" growth will be controlled.

New Lake Access. We have cut some brush and cleared an access to the Greystone Lake on the City owned property at 7708 Kelmscot Way. This path terminates at the bridge near the swimming pool property. Please use caution as the path is definitely "in the rough."

Merle Marxen