All homeowners in the Association, when constructing permanent structures on their property are required to notify the Homeowners Association through the Management Company of their intent to build prior to the commencement of construction. The Management Company shall provide the homeowner with a request for archictectural approval form to be completed and returned, with appropriate attachments, by the homeowner. Homeowners that fail to complete such a request can be asked to remove unacceptable structures, at their own expense.


The Management Company shall be provided with the following set of guidelines, which shall constitute the recommendations of the Architecture Committee as approved by the Board of Directors. If the contemplated construction falls within the guidelines set forth, the Management Company shall have the authority to approve the request. If the construction does NOT fall within the guidelines, Management will forward the request to the Architecture Committee. The Architecture Committee will schedule a meeting on the request within 30 days and respond to the request within 35 days of the date of the receipt of the request.


The Management Company and the homeowners are urged to check the Restrictive Covenants covering their particular property since information regarding the size, type, location of structures, and setback requirements, are described therein.


The homeowner is also urged to contact the City of Raleigh to insure that City ordinances are also followed. Neither the Management Company nor the Architecture Committee will be held liable for errors made by the homeowner for failure to follow City ordinances. Additionally, the following Architecture Committee guidelines shall not supersede any federal, state, city, or other law or ordinance concerning construction or additions to any homeowners property.


The guidelines are intended to assist owners in their improvements while ensuring continuity in the community.


Additions to Homes:


  1. Additions must be of like quality, kind and materials as the general construction of the home and neighborhood, and

  2. Must fall within the size, type, location and setback guidelines set forth within Article V of that subdivision’s Restrictive Covenants.




  1. All fences must meet the setback requirements for City of Raleigh and Greystone Association.

  2. Fences shall not exceed three (3) feet if viewed from the front of the house (i.e., to the left or right side of the house) and six (6) feet if viewed from the sides or back of the house.

  3. Fences must be made of wood, vinyl, or wrought iron with finished side facing away from the owner’s house.

  4. No fencing is ever permitted to run from the front of a home toward or to the street. Hedges or trees may be placed in this area if privacy is desired.

  5. Careful attention must be given to property lines when constructing a fence. Fences should be built a few inches within the property line so that joint ownership of the fence is never at issue.

  6. Repairs or replacements of fences which are the same size and materials, and which were previously approved by the Architecture Committee/Management Company, do not require a request form and need no new approval.


General Outdoor Structures:


  1. Recreational structures such as jungle gyms, swing sets, etc., shall be wooden structures which do not exceed 200 square feet with a height of ten (10) feet.

  2. Gazebos shall be made of wood and shall not exceed 250 square fee and a height of fifteen (15) feet. The structure must be of a construction and color consistent with the primary structure.

  3. Storage sheds shall not exceed 250 square feet and a height of ten (10) feet. The shed must be constructed of materials and a color which is consistent with the primary structure.

  4. A request form must be completed and approved for construction of any other outdoor structures not covered herein, such as decks, pools, fountains, lighting fixtures placed on poles (other than one front yard light) etc.

  5. Repairs or replacements of decks which are the same size and materials and which were previously approved do not require a request form from the Association and need no new approval.


These guidelines are set forth to protect all homeowners from inappropriate development that may depreciate the value and diminish the natural beauty of said homeowners property. Please call the Management Company with any concerns or questions on the procedure or review process of requests.