Baker’s Landing Newsletter

October 2005




Baker’s Landing wins Award


When the NC Chapter of the Community Association Institute held its Annual Expo and Meeting at the Brownstone Hotel on Friday, September 17th,  Baker’s Landing Townhome Association  was honored as a “Community Association of the Year!”


The Chapter honors outstanding communities from across the state of North Carolina each year, and this is the second time in the  last five years that Baker’s Landing has captured top honors.  Bill Abel, our treasurer, attended the awards dinner and accepted the plaque for our association.  The above information has been sent to the “News and Observer” for publication.


Our townhouse community, located in a heavily wooded tract off Sawmill Road, is 22 years old.  It is  a part of the Greystone Master Association and is managed by HRW Property Management. Baker’s Landing has always been served by a dedicated group of volunteer directors who have worked very hard to protect and preserve the investment of the owners.  Chuck Hassol of HRW recently pointed out – “My hat is off to Board President Bob Ball, VP Carrol Snodgrass, Treasurer Bill Abel, Secretary Tina Shook, and member-at-large Emalyne Walls.”


Your Board of Directors would like to invite you to attend an open house on Sunday, November 14th  from 3-5 pm to see the plaque that we have just won, meet your neighbors and your Board.  The open house will be at the residence of the association President, Bob Ball, 1025 Boathouse Court.  Wine and cheese will be served. Hope to see you there.


-  Bob Ball, Association Pres.


New Mailboxes, New Plantings


As you are all aware of now, the board decided to upgrade our existing mail boxes in the communityl  The old ones were 22 years old, a lot of them rusted and many of them with numbers missing.  The new boxes were a suggestion given to the Board by a home owner, and the Board agreed that the old ones should be replaced.


The Board has also  approved a proposal to finally address the 275-foot berm along  Sawmill Road. Presently there are low-growing junipers there that have not taken root and spread as the original design intended.  The result is that when we get a rain storm the dirt is washed away from the berm and onto the sidewalk.We have contracted with the landscaping company (Unlimited Turf) that does our landscaping.  The proposal calls  for taking out the junipers, raising the canopy of the tree line, planting 275 lirope plants at the sidewalk’s edge, planting some decorative trees, 30 to 35 flowering shrubs, and filling in the remaining area with pine straw.  This work will start in the next 2 -3 weeks.



New Plans for Pickup of Garbage, Trash, and Recycleables


By now, almost everyone has heard that the City of Raleigh is in the process of switching from back-yard pickup service to street-side pickup. And, instead of twice a week, you will, once a week, put regular household garbage as well as yard waste and recycleables at the curbside.          


The original plan was to provide each household with one large (96 gallon) rollout container that you would roll to the curb for automated truck pickup.  But a large number of mult-family communities, including Bakers Landing,  protested that decision and the City called a meeting of association management companies to discuss the issue.


I attended the meeting and was influential in convincing the City that the plan was not practical for communities such as Bakers Landing.  Therefore,  the City  proposed other options.  The option the Board of Directors selected was for residents  to take their trash bags or cans out to the curb once each week for manual pickup.  Apparently many folks have been  doing this for quite some time.      


There are exceptions to the plan we have chosen.  People over the age of 65, disabled people, and people whose trek to the curb with garbage would take them up/down steep inclines, may phone the City and request an exemption.  If the City decides that you do indeed qualify, they will continue to pick up your garbage from the back of your townhome.


If you wish to apply for an exemption, you should phone the City immediately  at 831-6890


- Chuck Hassol, HRW Rep. 



Don’t forget Sunday, November 14th. Open house at 1025 Boathouse Ct. (Bob Ball’s House), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.  You can enjoy wine and cheese while you view the plaque!