Bakers Landing Newsletter

April 2006




We have survived the winter with no snow or ice storms and have welcomed in spring just a few days ago.  That is a relief since the beautiful trees of our area can become hazardous when covered with ice.


Our annual homeowner’s board meeting was held on January 25th at the Springmoor retirement center.  Signs were placed in the community to remind association members of the meeting.  Twenty five people out of the fifty seven townhomes attended the meeting. (Minutes of that meeting are attached to this newsletter.)


We will soon be entering into another “paint cycle” for the outside of the townhomes in Bakers Landing.  The first cul-de-sac, Boathouse Court, will be painted this year.  The other two streets will be painted over the next two years.  Although a pre-paint inspection and repair will be done to the homes on Boathouse Court, you will receive a form to be filled out if you see damage to your home.  These forms will be reviewed and a work order issued if the repair is deemed a responsibility of the homeowners association.


Please review the comments from our Treasurer, Bill Abel, concerning the soundness of our community.  At our last Board Meeting we interviewed two new landscaping companies as well as our present company.  After listening to the three presentations and a long discussion, the Board voted to engage a new landscaping company, effective April 1st of this year.  The new company, Valley Crest, has excellent credentials and recommendations from many outside sources.  One of the big issues in our community is leaf removal.  Valley Crest has their own ‘leaf mulching truck’ which means that they will blow the leaves to the curb and mulch them the same day.  Valley Crest also has good ideas about growing new grass and the upkeep and planting of new shrubbery in the area.  Tina Shook, who is secretary of the Board, has volunteered to be the interface with Valley Crest as they come on board to service our property.


I want to thank the members of the Board that I work with who devote their own personal time for the betterment of our community. Carroll Snodgrass, Vice-President; Tina Shook, Secretary; Bill Abel, Treasurer; and our newest member of the board, Julie Tomlinson, member-at-large.  You will see an article from Julie in this newsletter.  Our property manager is Alina Cochran from HRW, and she is doing a fantastic job.


We are all looking for new faces to come join the Board of Directors.  There are some positions open, and all of our board meetings are open to the community. You can contact me for the time and place if you wish to attend.


- Bob Ball, President





In our last Newsletter, I had indicated that we would finish the calendar and fiscal year with approximately $140,000 in our reserve accounts.  Those who attended the annual meeting were given a report that showed the actual number to be $138,804.  This is the largest reserve account we have had in our history.  But, as I stated last time and repeat here, this number should not make us complacent since we are again beginning capital improvements; namely, repairing and repainting all fourteen buildings over the next three years.  During the upcoming board meetings we will review painting bids for our units and selecting a painting contractor.  The last time the units were painted the actual cost per building was a little more than $7,900.  I would expect that cost, this time around, to be closer to $8,500 - $9,000.  This means spending approximately $125,000 from our reserves over the next three years.  This year we have budgeted a little less than $30,000, spending $35,000 more that we are saving. (This sounds like the government!).  Not to panic!  This would still leave us with more than $100,000 in reserves, assuming there are no other unforeseen major capital expenses.


Homeowners who believe our monthly dues of $145 is high need to realize that half of that money each month is put into maintenance and reserves for capital improvements.  Few single family homeowners are farsighted enough to put that amount of money aside for future improvements.  I think we are financially sound, and I appreciate your understanding and support.


- Bill Abel, Treasurer




The Greystone Village Homeowners Association recently elected its 2006 Board of Directors and assigned committee positions.  The results of that election can be found on the association’s web site at  Committee positions are available to all Greystone homeowners, and the web site tells you who to contact if you want more information.


Remember that membership at the Greystone Swim & Racquet Club is available to all Greystone homeowners.  The web site gives the current Club membership rates for families, individuals, senior citizens, and guests, and describes how to join.  Greystone homeowners who are not Club members are entitled to three free, one-day family passes per season.  Instructions on how to obtain the passes are given on the web site. 


If you have suggestions or contributions for the Greystone Village web site or newsletter,

contact me at


- Julie Tomlinson, At-Large Board Member