The Lakes & Grounds Committee is charged with managing and tracking the expeditious repair, improvement and general maintenance of the common area of Greystone Association. The following are the Lakes & Grounds Committee policies and procedures:

  1. The Lakes & Grounds Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members of the Board of Directors of the Greystone Association, with no more than one (1) member from each neighborhood, not to exceed sixteen (16) members.
  2. The Committee is charged with making decisions pertaining to the repair, improvement and general maintenance of the common properties, and shall perform such other functions at the Board’s discretion.
  3. The Lakes & Grounds Committee, with an affirmative vote of all three members, shall be authorized to approve projects on a monthly basis costing no more than an aggregate of one twelfth of the annual budget for non-contract maintenance. If the Committee is larger than three, a majority affirmative vote is required. Any singular project that exceeds one twelfth of the annual budget will require full Board approval.
  4. Any homeowner of Greystone Village may present to the Committee a request for repair, improvement or maintenance to any part of the common area of Greystone Village. Requests will be processed as follows:
  • The homeowner must complete the Maintenance Request Form and Architectural Application
  • The homeowner should complete the forms and mail or fax them to Charleston Management Corp. For the address and fax information, see Matoka Snuggs' contact information.
  • Charleston Management will record and forward the request on to the Lakes & Grounds Committee for review and action at the next Lakes & Grounds Committee meeting.
  • Charleston Management will notify the homeowner of the next Lakes & Grounds Committee meeting.
  • The homeowner is strongly encouraged to attend the Committee meeting to further explain and support the request.
  • The Lakes & Grounds Committee may retire to vote on the request. The homeowner will be notified of the vote results and action taken by the Committee. The request will then be forwarded back to Charleston Management for recording.
  • If the request is approved, Charleston Management will issue a work order and track the completion of the project.

In some cases, the homeowner may be the most appropriate person to manage approved projects. The Lakes & Grounds Committee looks forward to working together with homeowners, Charleston Management and contractors to repair, improve and maintain our beautiful common grounds and lakes.

 Lakes & Grounds Maintenance Committee

A Lake Maintenance committee was established to meet the special maintenance requirements of the Greystone, Winchester and Baker's lakes.

Greystone Village homeowners are encouraged to join the committee, to tour the lakes, to sponsor and participate in clean-up days, and to determine special maintenance issues to be addressed by the Greystone Lakes & Grounds Committee. 

To join a Lake Watch committee, please contact the Lakes & Grounds Committee. You can find members to contact amongst the Greystone Board of Directors.