Bakers Landing


Overview of Bakers Landing

Bakers Landing is a 56-unit townhome complex in the Greystone Village section of North Raleigh, North Carolina. It sits on Baker's Lake, one of three lakes in the Greystone Village subdivision.

Before our townhouses were built, Baker's Lake was a local getaway for the Baker family of Raleigh. They came here to relax, fish, and escape the inside-the-beltline hubbub. Sawmill Road and Boathouse Court were dirt roads way out in the country back then - far from any notion of city life.

One member of the Baker family still lives in the getaway house their family built and visited decades ago. It sits at the end of Boathouse Court on Baker's Lake, with a pier outside in back. If you walk around down there much, you're sure to see Mr. Baker puttering in his beautiful garden.

The first Bakers Landing townhomes were built on Boathouse Court in 1981. After that, the units on Breckon Way were built, and the Bridge Way units were built last, in 1982-83. The units on the three streets had different builders, and if you look closely you'll see many subtle variations in their design.


For more information about the history of this area, see History of Bakers Landing and Greystone Village









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