This is the web site of Greystone Village HOA in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Greystone Village is a community of over 830 homes in 16 neighborhoods. EWS

We have three lakes, thousands of trees, and the Greystone Swim & Racquet Club.

Our Homeowners' Association is managed by the Greystone Association Board of Directors with Charleston Management Corporation. All Greystone homeowners are invited to the meetings. 

Feel free to contact the board for information about Greystone Village, our Homeowners' Association, our meetings, and our amenities.


NEW NEWS. The Greystone Swim and Racquet Club will be opening soon for the 2017 Season. Our comprehensive website is  Greystone Swim and Racquet Club. The address is www.yourgreystoneclub.com/


We are still accepting new members for the 2017 season. Last year we were quite successful some capital improvements including lighting, seating and large shade awning. More will be made this year to make your experience even better. Check out our facebook page.


The 2017 Swim and Racquet Club membership application can now be accessed from here. 2017 Membership Application


If you would like to receive ongoing information about the activities of the swim team, tennis, and volleyball follow this link Greystone Swim & Racquet Club : Sign Up to Stay in Touch


Also, Please check out our pool Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greystone-Swim-and-Racquet-Club197718030276198?fref=ts. Hopefully, you will Like what you see.


The Grounds and Lakes Committee meeting has changed its venue.  The committee will meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM at Sola's Cafe in the Greystone Shopping Center.


The  Raleigh Community Center at Greystone

The City of Raleigh has opened the Greystone Recreation Center at the north end of the Greystone Village Shopping Center, where the Dollar Store once was.

The goals of Raleigh’s Community Centers is to organize and improve our communities to make Raleigh an even better place to live. It includes a Citizen Area Liaison program, which trains neighbors to become Citizen Action Liaisons. For more information see the link to the City of Raleigh Announces Greystone Recreation Center


Home Invasions

Over the years there have been home invasions and break-ins in Raleigh and Wake County. For you and your family's safety leave lights on in your home, let your neighbors know when you won't be at home, stop newspaper and mail delivery when you travel and call 911 whenever you see suspicious people and activities in and around your neighborhood.


History of Greystone Village and Bakers Landing

Want to know about the origins of Greystone Village? Things like where the names for "Sawmill" and "Lead Mine" roads came from? Check out the history provided by Julian Baker, Jr., at History in the Bakers Landing section of this website.





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